SysnovaFeed is a revolutionary free/open-source least-cost feed formulation software by Sysnova Information Systems Limited.

SysnovaFeed software is a comprehensive free/open-source tool designed to meet the formulation needs of professional nutritionists and feed producers.

  • The free/open-source nature of SysnovaFeed also makes it ideal for use in academic institutions and universities.
  • SysnovaFeed is user-friendly and simple to download and set up on any desktop or laptop computer.
  • SysnovaFeed is customizable and easily allows any nutritionist to enter unlimited numbers of ingredients and formulations.

SysnovaFeed aims to bring benefits of the free/open-source software movement to the global livestock industry.

Functional Features:

Ingredients: SysnovaFeed contains a default nutritional database for major ingredients like maize/corn, wheat, wheat bran, rice, rice bran, soybean meal and soybean oil based on well-established USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) nutritional specifications. Users can edit these nutritional specifications and add unlimited ingredients.

Formulations: SysnovaFeed contains default formulations for well-known breeds of commercial layers based on published nutritional standards of breeding companies. Users can edit these formulations and add unlimited new formulations.

Prices: SysnovaFeed comes with a default set of prices which the user can update to reflect current market rates.

Technical Features :

  • SysnovaFeed desktop formulation software is released under an open-source license which means it will never require any license fee.
  • SysnovaFeed formulation software has been developed in Java programming language, which supports all computer operating systems (MS Windows, Mac and Linux).
  • An Android app will also be released in future.
  • All formulation, ingredient and price data is stored in free/open-source H2 database, which is also written in Java and will work in any platform.

Commercial Web-Based Version: A web-based multi-user collaborative version of SysnovaFeed will be released as a commercial product for purchase by large companies with multiple feed mills and nutritionists.