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Broadcast Automation

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Broadcast Automation & Scheduler with billing

Leverage our expertise as providers of comprehensive Broadcast solutions for your media enterprise, empowering your business with automated invoicing and billing capabilities tailored exclusively to cater to your discerning advertising clients.

We offer

Broadcast Automation & Scheduler with billing

Media Asset Management (MAM) - Media Storage : Razuna (Open Source)

Scheduler : Schedule Playout using SysScheduler Software Developed By Sysnova

Playout Server : CasparCG (Open Source)

MCR Rundown : SysRundown Software Developed - By Sysnova

Media Archive : Sysnova Archive System Software - Developed By Sysnova

Online Graphics : Online GFX System for news, ASTON, PROMPTER, BUG etc Developed By Sysnova

Billing : Integrated with Adempire(Open source) and SysScheduler Software for automated - Billing


Casparplay is an open-source project to automate TV station broadcast by integrating Razuna open-source digital asset management with CasparCG open-source TV playout server and character generator. The integration is done by a PHP scheduler which creates a playlist of program/ad video clips from Razuna digital asset IDs and then copying those assets to CasparCG playout folder.

Casparplay can be completely integrated with Sysnova open-source ERP to provide automated invoicing and billing to advertising clients.

Solutions We Provide

TV channel broadcast automation refers to the use of software and technology to control and manage the scheduling, playout, and distribution of TV programs and content. Implementing broadcast automation offers several benefits for TV channels and broadcasters.

Cost Efficiency
Automation reduces the need for manual intervention and human operators, which can significantly lower operational costs. It streamlines the workflow and reduces labor expenses associated with traditional manual playout.

24/7 Operation
With automation, TV channels can run programming 24/7 without requiring constant human monitoring. This allows for broadcasting content at any time, reaching a global audience and maximizing viewership.

Consistency and Reliability
Automation ensures a high level of consistency and accuracy in broadcasting. Automated systems follow predefined schedules, reducing the risk of errors and providing reliable playback of content.

Faster Content Delivery
Automated playout systems can quickly deliver content to viewers. This is particularly advantageous for live events and breaking news, where timely delivery is crucial.

Flexibility and Dynamic Scheduling
Broadcast automation allows channels to create dynamic schedules and update them in real-time. It enables quick changes to the program lineup to accommodate new content or respond to unexpected events.

Multi-Channel Management
For broadcasters with multiple channels, automation centralizes and simplifies the management of all channels from a single control system. This streamlines operations and reduces complexity.

Content Archiving and Retrieval
Automation systems often include content management features, enabling efficient archiving and retrieval of media assets. This facilitates quick access to historical content for rebroadcast or repurposing.

Ad Insertion and Targeting
Automation enables precise ad insertion and targeting, improving ad revenue generation. Ads can be scheduled and delivered based on specific demographics or viewer preferences.

Monitoring and Reporting
Automated systems provide detailed logs and reporting, allowing broadcasters to analyze audience behavior, review playout history, and make data-driven decisions to improve programming.

Disaster Recovery and Redundancy
Many broadcast automation solutions offer redundancy and failover mechanisms, ensuring continuous operation even in the event of hardware or network failures.

Integration with Third-Party Systems
Automation systems can often integrate with other broadcast-related tools, such as traffic and billing software, video servers, graphics systems, etc., streamlining the entire broadcast workflow.

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