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Feed Formulation

  • Feed Formulation
    SysnovaFeed is a revolutionary free/open-source
    least-cost feed formulation software

A Comprehensive Tool for Feed Formulation

SysnovaFeed is a free/open-source software that helps nutritionists and feed producers create balanced and cost-effective feed formulations for livestock and poultry. It is based on the latest scientific research and incorporates various factors that affect feed quality and cost. It is compatible, flexible, reliable, and accurate, and can improve the productivity, profitability, and sustainability of animal production systems.

It's Affordable

Benefits Of SysnovaFeed

SysnovaFeed is a free/open-source software that can help nutritionists create balanced and cost-effective feed formulations for livestock and poultry. This means that anyone can access, use, and modify the software without paying any fees or licenses, and benefit from the collective knowledge and contributions of the community.

  • No license fee for open-source software
  • Java-based software supports all platforms
  • Android app coming soon
  • Data stored in free/open-source H2 database
  • Optimization by free/open-source GLPK

Functional Features

SysnovaFeed is a software that allows users to create and edit ingredients, formulations, and prices for feed production. It has a default nutritional database for major ingredients and formulations for commercial layers, which users can modify and expand. It also lets users update the prices according to the market rates.

  • Default nutritional database included
  • Editable ingredients and specifications
  • Default formulations for layers
  • Editable formulations and standards
  • Default prices for ingredients
  • Updatable prices for market

Technical Features

  • SysnovaFeed desktop formulation software is released under an open-source license which means it will never require any license fee.
  • SysnovaFeed formulation software has been developed in Java programming language, which supports all computer operating systems (MS Windows, Mac and Linux).
  • An Android app will also be released in future.
  • All formulation, ingredient and price data is stored in free/open-source H2 database, which is also written in Java and will work in any platform.
  • Least-cost optimization is done by free/open-source Gnu Linear Programming Kit (

We are grateful to Professors Gene Pesti and Bill Miller for writing their book on feed formulation software.

Commercial Web-Based Version

A web-based multi-user collaborative version of SysnovaFeed will be released as a commercial product for purchase by large companies with multiple feed mills and nutritionists. Sysnovafeed assumes users have knowledge of least cost feed formulation concepts. If anyone needs training in these concepts, here is a link to a Udemy course on the subject which uses Sysnovafeed : Udemy Course

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