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    Fully integrated and full-Featured Software

Odoo is all-in-one, user friendly and affordable business management software

TinyErp, known today as Odoo, was created in 2005 in a 150-year-old farmhouse in Belgium. Its founder Fabien Pinckaers noticed that the existing business management solutions were outdated, expensive and non-customizable. The SME market was also untapped. He realized he wanted to make a difference: create a solution that powers the growth of businesses and changes the world.

Our unique value proposition
Odoo apps are natively integrated, allowing you to fully automate all your business processes and reap savings and benefits.

Scalable for any type of business
Our easy-to-use software meets all types of needs and fits all kinds of companies, while the scalability of our ERP makes it as suitable for 1 as for 300,000 users. It is also entirely possible to add modules as the company grows.

Highly customizable database 
Beyond its standard features, Odoo can also be customized to meet any specific need and to be as close as possible to the reality of any company's business flow, however complex it may be.

What is Odoo?

Odoo is a complete suite of business modules, including customer relationship management (CRM), eCommerce, accounting, billing, inventory management, project management, warehouse management, financial management, manufacturing and purchasing. .Odoo help companies evolve faster and tackle new challenges. Odoo software is available in 2 editions: Odoo Enterprise (licensed) and Odoo Community (open-source).With Odoo Enterprise, we provide services such as support, upgrades, development and feedback. We also suggest implementation services based on our Quick start methodology.

  • Sales management
  • Finance
  • Inventory & Manufacturing
  • Services
  • Human resources
  • Customization


We have developed more than 60 main applications which are regularly upgraded. They run seamlessly together to deliver powerful enterprise-class software to companies of all sizes and industries. Here is a non-exhaustive overview of what we offer

Boost your sales

Sales management

Acquire, assign and track leads to convert them into opportunities, with accurate forecasts

Create and send online quotations in just a few clicks, from proposals to electronic signatures

Use a flexible POS based on a smart interface that any retail company can use easily, compatible with any hardware

Subscription Simplify your management Recruitment recurring billing and subscriber

From Scheduling to Invoicing, all your rental processes gathered in one place

Manage your financial affairs


Manage your finance with features such as bank synchronization, easy reconciliation and reporting

Automatically bill your customers based on sales orders, contracts, or time and material

Easily manage expenses per employee or per team, and upload all receipts into the expense record

Save time recording bills, scanning contracts, approving documents, and become a paperless company

Bring business intelligence into your operations: make projections, calculate commissions, and analyze real-time data. Spreadsheet is incorporated in the apps (sales, documents, accounting, etc.)

Streamline your operations

Inventory & Manufacturing

Get the most efficient stocking method and improve all your internal and external operations

Bring your production operations to the next level of efficiency, work order management, production planning, and more

Manage engineering changes and versions in no time

Manage suppliers & purchase orders: automate your purchasing workflow, and get the best offer from tenders

Track, schedule and trigger maintenance activity

Define quality control points and trigger quality alerts easily

Deliver top-notch services


Organize, schedule, plan and analyze effortlessly all your projects

Track your working time, manage your employees, work offline and forecast productivity

Work from anywhere, on any device to deliver excellent service to your customers everywhere

Organize your teams and get an instant overview of your clients' tickets to stay on top of your support process

Organize regular schedules or long term project plans. Create shifts, assign employees and stay organized at a high level

Manage meetings online and automate your scheduling process

Optimize your human resource management

Human resources

Streamline your hiring process: set up a job board and easily track and oversee the submitted applications

Make the process of requesting and approving time off easier

Set up & automate your appraisal process so that you can focus on people

Make your staff participate in the recruitment process with a prize winning game

Effortlessly manage your vehicles, contracts, costs, insurances and assignments

Save time for employees by allowing them to easily order lunch

Personalize your Odoo database


Perfectly adapt your solution to your needs with our Odoo Studio app. Without coding needed, you can create a new app, design reports, automate business flows, configure your workflows or create new fields


When small businesses use ERP software all key data and information from all departments are made available on a centralized platform. It, therefore, eliminates the need to contact different departments and different employees to obtain the required information. Also, it eliminates the need for going through several excel sheets to collect disintegrated data. With an ERP system, you can maintain a master data file for all vendors, materials, products, customers, processes, and any other critical data. Hence, it ensures consistency in all work processes, minimizes wastage of time, and increases productivity.

Integrate the flow of information

With ERP solutions you can integrate the flow of information between various business processes. You can also integrate all your business transactions with the financial system used in your business in real-time. ERP systems can not just post business transactions on your financial system but also on the general ledger of the company. The advantage of this is that anyone in the Management can view all the financial data whenever needed. ERP software can cover many core business functions, starting from product pricing, sales order entry, inventory, warehousing, shipping, distribution, procurement, production, invoicing, and so many others.

Decrease operating costs

With time the volume of business transactions increases and you may not be able to handle all that data efficiently using spreadsheets alone. Keeping data only on excel sheets could cause many errors and you also do not have the control over data that you would like to have. When you maintain all your data only on spreadsheets, data security is compromised and may even lead to leakage of sensitive or confidential information. 

 Spreadsheets or accounting software such as Peachtree or Quickbooks are okay when you have a limited number of transactions. However, as transactions increase in volume and complexity, the need for ERP solutions also increases. The lack of appropriate business software could be detrimental to a small business, especially if there is a growth in both revenue and the number of employees. Your business could be impacted by lost orders, poor planning, inventory shortages, missed shipments, or missed invoices. ERP systems streamline key data into a single platform. Hence, SMEs can save money that was earlier spent on individual software and other management systems for different departments.

Greater agility and flexibility

One of the biggest upsides of using an ERP system is that it makes small businesses agile and flexible, quickly capable of adapting to changing market needs. These solutions offer greater business flexibility as ERP systems allow quick data management adjustments whenever the need arises. Whether you have changes in sales figures or order cancellations, all such changes can be easily maintained in an ERP system without the need for finding, deleting, and typing in the data like in spreadsheets.

Better planning and increased sales

When you use spreadsheets to maintain a large volume of data, you often lack control over the data. For instance, you release the budget for your business, but you do not check if there is confirmation of receipt. When the data volume is huge, there is a chance that you may forget something, which could lead to losing sales,and thereby revenue. You can customize your ERP software to send you daily alerts so that your business does not incur any losses because you forgot something. It can also provide daily, monthly, and yearly reporting helping you maintain consistency in your business processes and policies. Doing so improves your customer service and customer experience, which in turn, increases profitability.


Better decision-making

ERP systems provide real-time data, which enables small business owners to quickly respond to changing market conditions and make difficult decisions easier. Having access to accurate and updated data and information allows business owners to make timely decisions that are crucial for business sustenance and growth. You can compare annual or monthly sales figures helping you forecast future sales. You can better plan for the financial needs of your business and make effective decisions according to your business requirements.



With Odoo ERP, you can automate your entire invoicing process, eliminating the need for manual data entry. You can also easily access all accounting features on your mobile devices - keeping an eye on your business even on the go.

Customer Relationship Management

Odoo comes with an intuitive user interface and a dashboard that provides greater visibility into your sales activities. The software also provides valuable guidance in the form of tips and best practices for customers to strategically configure and deploy their CRM. The mobile user interface can accommodate your entire sales team, regardless of their location, even without an internet connection.


Since Odoo comes with an integrated E-commerce platform, you can configure automatic stock adjustment and reporting so that both sales and inventory can be easily maintained. It also offers a dedicated customer portal which helps to keep all  the customer information organized, including order tracking and claims. Odoo  users can also download invoices and delivery orders, and view pending shipments, all in a single platform.


Unlike other ERP software, Odoo offers unique double-entry inventory management that helps you track your products or materials from the supplier to the customer. Users can pack and deliver orders, regardless of whether they use barcode scanners or not. Odoo ERP software prepares customers' orders based on availability.


You can use Odoo ERP to manage all your assembly and manufacturing operations. A major benefit is that Odoo automatically triggers quality checks for your manufacturing department.


With this module, you can gather all your employee information in one central database. You can also create weekly and monthly time sheets to trace the time spent by each employee on a project.

Accessible on Devices

  • Intuitive and elegant user interface
  • 100% Responsive


  • Odoo Customization - Build your ERP the way you imagined
  • Odoo Implementation - Implementing Odoo ERP to your systems
  • Odoo Integration - Add third-party solution to your ERP
  • Odoo Support & Maintenance - Making sure your ERP is meeting yours needs
  • Odoo Migration - Move your ERP system to Odoo
  • Odoo Consultancy - Helping you to utilize your ERP to the fullest
  • Odoo Mobile App Development - Access your ERP using any device from anywhere
  • Odoo Training - Getting your organization well-versed in ERP
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