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Modules Of Sysnova ERP

Modules Of Sysnova ERP

Ready ERP Solutions For Your Business,
A complete ERP Solutions for multi dimensional businesses!

Purchase Management

  • Supplier Creation
  • Purchase Requisition
  • RFQ Management.
  • Purchase order- Approval system 
  • Purchase LC
  • Purchase return 
  • Landing cost calculation 

Reports :

  • Purchase register 
  • Stock Movement Report for Supply chain 
  • Statement of Purchase
  • Comparative statement

Manufacturing / Production Management

  • Bill of Materials
  • Material Requirements Planning 
  • Production posting (Finished goods)
  • Item consumption in production 
  • Packing materials consumption in production 
  • Stock and accounts integration 


  • Monthly Production Report
  • Product History With BOM Consumption
  • Production Detail Report
  • Batch Wise Production History
  • Product BOM Details 
  • Produced Product Process Status

Inventory Management

  • Different types of product maintain by store
  • Finished goods batch tracking and tractability
  • Item category creation 
  • Inventory management for active ingredients with potency and shelf life
  • PO(Purchase order) wise GRN (Good receiving notes) increase the stock.
  • Min, max, reorder point generation 
  • Issue method FIFO
  • Stock Movement and adjustment 
  • Stock Count and store value 
  • Maintain item by Row Rack Bin 
  • Multiple Warehouses, Location and Multiple Unit Of Measure
  • Tracking of inventory item by expiry date
  • Monthly stock statement 


  • Inventory Transaction Summary
  • Inventory Transaction Details
  • Daily Stock Level
  • Daily Stock & Sales Status

Sales Distribution

  • Field Force Setup
  • Region, Territory Wise Dealer Setup
  • Setup Sales Target
  • Dealer Credit Limit Setup
  • Cash and Credit Order can be Placed
  • Corporate, General and Other Type of Order can be separated
  • Approval Process has been setup (TSO to RSM). Notification can be go through email.
  • SMS to Dealer and Sales Rep after Complete Order
  • Receive Completed Order from Field Force
  • Check the Order, See the Available Qty
  • Partial Shipment if Any
  • Automatically Create Delivery Order and Invoice/Customer Bill.
  • SMS to Dealer after Complete Shipment
  • Advance Payment Receipt Option
  • Payment Allocation for Credit Sales
  • SMS to Dealer after receive Payment
  • Return Product Calculation from Dealer and Adjust Receivable


  • Sales Order Print Format, Field Force Structure Report, Sales Order Print Report
  • Periodic Sales Report, Month Wise Sales Report, Receivable Aging Report, Target Vs Achievement Report, Pending Sales Order Report, Delivery Challan, Gate Pass, Customer Bill
  • Sales & Collection Status, Periodic Collection Report, Month Wise Collection Report.  Payment Voucher

Accounts & Costing

  • Chart of Accounts 
  • General Ledger
  • Cost/Profit center info
  • Collection Option / Accounts Receivable
  • Payment Option / Accounts Payable
  • Advance Payment/ Collection
  • Multiple voucher entry option 
  • Cash Journal (Petty Cash) Entry
  • Bank Transfer Entry
  • Bank Reconciliation 


  • Party Ledger
  • Bank / Cash Transaction Details 
  • Bank/Cash Closing Balance
  • Consolidated Partner Ledger
  • Outstanding Summary
  • Statement of Income
  • Statement of Financial Position
  • Trial Balance
  • Money Receipt

Fixed Assets Management

  • Define Asset Type As Owned or Rented & Depreciable or Not
  • Depreciation Calculation Methods
  • Invoices Created for each Asset record with history.
  • Convert purchased Product to asset
  • Tracking Asset Balances


  • Asset register report
  • Assets Cost Details

Human Resource Management & Payroll

  • Company, unit, section, department entry 
  • Attendance generate from Attendance device 
  • Online Leave Management 
  • Allowances and deduction setup by Grade wise 
  • Automatic salary Process And Pay Slip Generation
  • Employee details 
  • Loan Against Salary
  • Salary advance, Promotion and transfer


  • Employee Details Payroll
  • Gross Salary Test-Details
  • Gross Salary-Final
  • Attendance Reporting
  • Leave Report
  • Salary statement for Bank

Project Management

  • Create and manage tasks associated with different projects.
  • Material resources to different projects and tasks. Monitor resource availability and utilization.
  • Record and track the time spent by employees on various project tasks
  • Track project-related costs, including materials, labor, and overhead expenses. Monitor budget adherence and cost variance.
  • Generate reports on project status, resource utilization, cost analysis, and other key performance indicators.
History Sysnova's journey started back in 2008 with the mission to implement an open-source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for Kazi Farms which would enable it to efficiently manage its country-wide business operation in over 100 locations. With that in mind, we have developed customized software solutions for businesses across a diverse range of industries including pharmaceuticals, agriculture, media, academics, and many more.

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