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New Zealand Dairy

How New Zealand Dairy Gained 100% Business Growth In Under 2 Years

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Previous Solution

Traditional Accounting and Sales Software



Use Case

Enterprise Resource Planning Solution

100 %

Business Growth Achieved!

70 %

Of Lost Revenue Captured

67 %

Reduction In Shipment Delay

The Overview

New Zealand Daily Bangladesh Ltd. is one of Bangladesh’s three largest dairy milk producers. Since its inception in 1992, they have grown into a massive enterprise comprising an ever-expanding supply chain and a growing workforce. To ensure complete visibility of the entire business and stay on top of all its business operations, it needed a smart resource planning solution.

  • Problems The Client Was Facing
  • What Did The Client Need
  • The Solution
  • Results

Problems The Client Was Facing

Before implementing Sysnova ERP, the client used multiple traditional accounting and sales software. To meet rising demand for its product, it had to expand its distribution and workforce. As a result, maintaining a bird’s eye view of all aspects of the enterprise operations was getting extremely difficult. Making mission-critical decisions was out of the option since they had no real-time data. As a result, it was facing severe issues like over-stocking and complications in preparing accurate monthly reports.


" We realized we had a five-year supply of one ingredient which was adding to our overhead "

What The Client Needed

What NZ Dairy needed was an enterprise resource planning solution that can keep up with its business growth and rising complexity of operations.

The Solution

After initial discussion, NZ Dairy went for a enterprise-wide implementation of Sysnova ERP. They decided to use the following 8 modules:

  • Procurement
  • Inventory
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Quality Management
  • Finance and Accounts
  • Sales and distribution
  • Assets management and Maintenance Module
  • Business Intelligence Tools

For each of these modules, they received customization, testing, installation, commissioning and training of their staff.

Results The Client Achieved

Using Sysnova ERP, NZ Dairy has considerably reduced its lost revenue and shipment delays. It now has total visibility of every corner of its wide-spread enterprise. As a result, they have access to their real-time data and business intelligence reports. These help them keep track of their KPIs, detect trends, extract insights all of which enable them to make smart, data-driven decisions. Their business management is now leaner and has experienced unprecedented efficiency.


“We spent five to six hours every week just checking and confirming inventory levels. We don’t have to do that anymore.”

C. M. Khaled Pervez

Additional Features The Client Wants For Future Growth

Being totally satisfied with Sysnova ERP, the client now wants:

  • Further extension of ERP’s capabilities
  • An automated end-to-end automated data tracking functionality
History Sysnova's journey started back in 2008 with the mission to implement an open-source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for Kazi Farms which would enable it to efficiently manage its country-wide business operation in over 100 locations. With that in mind, we have developed customized software solutions for businesses across a diverse range of industries including pharmaceuticals, agriculture, media, academics, and many more.

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